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Work From Home Careers

    Working from home can be a wonderful thing for people who need the flexibility and antonym to create their own schedule, earn a decent living, and care for your family when you need to.

    There are a lot of work from home positions out there waiting to be filled by people at home every day. Working from home gives you the flexibility to arrange you schedule around caring for your family, personal appointments, family emergency, start a career that you really enjoy, and earn a living to support yourself. Work from home careers are also perfect people who are disabled who want to be a part of the workforce that have job skills to offer the community but are not quite well enough to go out to work every day.

    People have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month from home and have benefits just as if they were working in brick and mortar facility. All types of employers are looking for employees to fill remote positions everyday. There is something out there for everyone.

    When it can time to look into work from home jobs, I was worried because I had been burned numerous times. They always end up costing loads of money or they turn out to be a scam. Even worse, it is always a call center job of some type and I cannot deal with the telephones. Dealing with my own health issues are difficult enough, but then you throw everyone else in the mix and it becomes a typhoon. I enjoy writing my articles and blogs for my other companies, but I wanted to do something else between taking in writing jobs and keeping up my nursing CEU's. I still hold out that far out hope of getting an at home nursing job because they do exists. Hanging ads is not so bad. It allows me to help the community in a different way by helping them find meaningful employment. I feel like I work very hard for what I do earn and I hope my company appreciate the effort I put in to get my work done.

    At the time that I was looking for work, I was searching for something that would be easy for me to learn and not too overwhelming on the brain. Because of my brain injuries, I did not want to have to do anything overly taxing at the end of the day. I have to write down everything or I will forget to do it, so being able to plan your day- including work- is helpful. I am able to set goals for myself and block out my day. Unfortunately, everyday does not always go as planned, so if you have to shift something over an hour, then there is the flexibility to do that.

    On most jobs you would have to schedule the day off or take a leave of absence for appointments or unforeseen tragedies. When I worked at the hospital years ago and I had an appointment at the VA, I would have to ask for the entire day off because those appointments would literally take all day. The ones in the city would run three hours behind and when I would have to travel out of town it would be worse. It would literally be an eight hour day. I felt like I had been to work! Although there have been improvements in the facilities due to the overhaul in recent years, appointments can still be an all day event. Then add to that becoming the only caregiver for your spouse who has daily appointments for three months straight. Spending between six and eight hours every day of the week at the hospital is exhausting. Then somewhere in there you have to fit in work, dinner, and sleep. Thank goodness for being able to write your own schedule.

    With a lot of work from home jobs there are perks. Some employers give you discounts on merchandise or bonuses. Others that make you employees of their company may offer benefits, PTO time, or certain holidays off. Being and independent contractor can have it is benefits also. The more you work, the more you can make. Technically there is no such thing as overtime. For some business opportunities there are commissions after a certain number of sales or recruits. Every company may come up with their own incentives to boost morale, encourage productivity, and attract new hires to open positions.

    Most people would disagree with me when I say there is a remote job for everyone, including procrastinators. People that procrastinate need a more structured schedule; however, they can still make some choices about when and how they work. There are plenty of employers that are in search of talented people to fill positions that are during shifts, certain days of the week, or work is sent to the employee or independent contractor with a deadline for completion. Having specific guidelines, goals, and timelines will help them stay on task and perform at an elite level. Everyone knows happy employees make happy companies.

    With telecommuting, it is possible to find jobs at every skill level and position. If you are eighteen and a high school graduate, it is possible to start looking for a remote career. There are loads of entry level positions available nationwide and around the world. Moreover, there is no ceiling in these jobs. Lots of people move from one work at home post to the next as they gain experience or degrees and it is also possible to work multiple jobs at once. There are management positions, senior supervisor positions and fresh positions.

    Unfortunately, there is a down side to work from home careers. Those of us that need to telecommute do it because we want or need to be at home with our families, we are disabled and are too ill to leave the house, or some people are trying to earn extra money. There are some unsavory characters out there with fake jobs and scams. Others want fees and claim that it will get you started, then you find out you have to buy out things to do your job. By the time you are done purchasing everything, you have invested hundreds of dollars, but you haven't earned a dime. Lastly, there is working hard for a little bit of money. I have done transcription jobs when I had better hearing and I worked tirelessly for two weeks only to make five dollars. I have written ads, blogs, and articles of varying lengths for multiple clients over the years. It is very hard work, but the pay does not always match the effort and talent. Hanging ads is a legit job, most of the time I feel like I am working for free. I work tirelessly putting up ads, answering emails, and trying to think of new ideas only to end up with ten dollars at the end of the week if anything at all. It gets discouraging. In order to have a positive outlook, I remind myself daily that I am helping the community find gainful employment and work from home careers and it makes me happy. Knowing that someone can find a legit job through the service fills my need to help people on a daily basis.

    At the end of the day, I believe there is a work from home career out there for everyone, but it may work or may not for you. Working from home, you definitely have to be self motivated, diligent, organized, and a quick learner. There has to be a definite time in your schedule when you say, okay, it is time to work and I cannot be distracted by the family, other jobs, social media unless it is part of your job description, chores, cooking, or any other miscellaneous task you can think of. You have to get a planner whether it is digital or on paper and block out your day to get organized. Always have a Plan B if Plan A falls apart. Be a little flexible with your own flexible schedule. Sometimes things do not go as planned so leave room for the unexpected. If you are like me, you are your own worst critic, give yourself a break!


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