Mommy Jobs Online pre-screen and research thousands of companies and their job positions every year to keep our members safe when it comes to working from home and using our reliable job resources.  Believe it or not we run across several scams when our team is pre-screening employers.  By utilizing Mommy Jobs Online work at home job bank portal it will not only save you time but money in your job searching efforts.

We get several calls per week from jobseekers informing us that they want to find a real job from home and tired of running into fly by night scams and the less just got scammed of out thousands of dollars.

Please don't fall for these scams if you are pursued by a company of any kind that tells you that they are wanting to send you a large check to deposit into your bank account for the work that you do for them and/or to purchase items to send them back after you take your fee out of the check they send to you.  THIS IS A WARNING AND DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS SCAM!

We are here to share with you some of the work-at-home job scams that have been going on in different variations, so please you can steer clear away from them and don't become a victim.

1) Mystery Shopper Scam

Here is the initial letter, package that is sent to you by mail, payroll check in the amount of $2,750.00 that they are wanting you to cash into your bank account (BIG MISTAKE), and the contact information of the scam artist that now has now left without a trace.  They are asking you to go buy Ebay Gift Cards with the check that they sent to you and make a note of how you was treated during your check-out visit.  After you make the purchase of the Ebay Gift Cards in the amount of $2,450.00 then you are will need to send them the gift card information and keep the remaining $300.00 for doing the mystery shopping job.  Next they are wanting you to peel off the revealing gift card # and informational details on where you obtained the cards from and send them a picture by text message so they can now use those gift card numbers to make other purchases or even take the cash and run.  Sounds to good to be true but they make it sound like fun and very easy.

EXHIBIT I.                                                                                                               EXHIBIT II.                                                                                                          EXHIBIT III.

The package that is shipped to you.                                                             Mystery shopping instructions that will get you in trouble.               The big check in the amount of $2.750.00 that you will be responsible 100% to pay your bank.


Contact Information - The number is no longer working once the transactions are all made and including their website.

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