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  • ​1. Looks matter: The very first impression you give may be your only one if you do not appear to meet the employer’s needs and expectations. Executive-level resumes should have a polished, professional appearance that is free of errors and clearly displays your most important and compelling information.

    2. An Objective View: Most people find it difficult, if not impossible, to take an objective look at their education and career. What to include, what to leave out, what to emphasize – all good questions. Having an experienced career professional look at your work history will enable you to trim the excess while adding in what matters most to prospective employers.

    3. Identifying Your Value: Quite often we undervalue what we have done in our jobs. We think that everyone does that – no big deal. Resume writers will solicit the necessary details of your career in order to craft an accomplishment/outcome-based document that demonstrates your past and future value to a company.

    4. Don’t Be a Do-It-Yourselfer: Just as most of us shouldn’t be our own doctor, lawyer, plumber, or mechanic, we shouldn’t write our own job search documents. No one expects you to be an expert at something you do once every two to five years or more. There is no way for you to have the skill and knowledge to create the best job search materials. Some things are best left to professionals who do this every day.

    5. Save Yourself Time: We frequently hear from job seekers who spent weeks and even months fine tuning their resume. Instead of delaying the start of your job search AND the start of a new job, hire a pro to help you in preparing the best product in a reasonable timeframe.

    6. Have the Inside Track: Career professionals and resume writers are in the know about what recruiters and hiring authorities want in a resume. We’ve surveyed them on their preferences and pet peeves. We write resumes that are appropriate for various industries, as well as career levels.

    7. Times Change: Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean your old resume style will still work. Resume writers keep current on the state of their art through certifications, professional affiliations, and ongoing training. You’ve kept up-to-date on your industry and so have we.

    8. Save Money: Let’s face it, the job search process costs money to conduct in addition to the lost income while you are out of work or underemployed Paying a resume service may seem like more money going out the door; however, this is definitely a worthwhile investment. We hear almost daily from clients who have found jobs that were professionally and financially rewarding. If you compare the salary lost from a prolonged job search with the cost of job search documents that will expedite the process, you will find yourself financially far ahead.

    9. Partner with a Professional: All too often we are uncomfortable discussing our career concerns and uncertainties with family and friends. How fortunate to have someone who not only understands what you are going through, doesn’t judge you, and actually has very helpful advice to guide you to the next step in your professional life. That’s what you get with a resume writer.

    10. A Great Product: Let’s face it. We are very good at what we do. We know how to write, we are excellent wordsmiths, we are whizzes at word processing, and our resumes get results. This is our business, we do it extremely well, and we all have hundreds of satisfied customers to support that claim.

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Whether you are a young professional, a mid-career employee, or a seasoned industry expert, you deserve to find a better job and land your dream post. Use your work experience and hard-earned skills to advance your career!

Our professional resume writing service can be your best weapon to win the stiff job market.

MJOL Resume Writing and Editing Perks

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FREE Resume-Writing Tips

From The Experts:

Appearances Count – Don’t try to save money by printing onto a cheap copy paper instead of good quality stock. Check for typos, grammatical errors and coffee stains. Use the spellcheck feature on your word processor and ask a friend to review the resume to find mistakes you might have missed.

Does Size Matter? – If your career warrants a two-page resume, then go ahead and create a document that reflects the full range of your experience and accomplishments. Don’t reduce the type size to such a degree that your resume becomes difficult to read.

Truth or Consequences – Don’t fudge over dates or titles to hide the fact that you have been unemployed, that you switched jobs too frequently or that you held low-level positions. If a prospective employer conducts a background check and discovers that you lied, you can kiss the job good-bye.

State Your Case – If you are seeking a job in a field in which you have no prior experience, don’t use a chronological format. By using a functional or skills-oriented format, you can present your relevant experience and skills up front.

Put Your Best Foot Forward – Don’t simply copy the job description jargon from your company’s HR manual. To show that you are more qualified than the competition for the positions you are seeking, you need to do more than simply list your job responsibilities. Present specific accomplishments and achievements: percentages increased, accounts expanded, awards won, etc.

No Excuses – Don’t include the reasons you are no longer working at each job listed. The phrases “Company sold,” “Boss was an idiot” and “Left to make more money” should be avoided.

What Have You Done Lately? – While it is certainly acceptable to have a two-pager, don’t list every single job you’ve ever held. Personnel managers are most interested in your experience from the last 10 years, so focus on your most recent and most relevant career experience.

No Extra Papers, Please – When you send out your resume, don’t include copies of transcripts, letters of recommendation or awards, unless you are specifically asked to do so. If you are called in for an interview, you may bring these extra materials along in your briefcase for show-and-tell.

Don’t Get Personal – Personal information does not belong for jobs in the United States. Don’t include information on your marital status, age, race, family or hobbies.

International Resumes/CVs
 – The latest “best practice” in international resume writing is to NOT include personal details… even on CVs. Most countries/industry segments have drifted away from the traditional CV presentation – even in science and academia. The only difference in those presentations now are length – with patents, papers, posters, and presentation details expanding the resume to many pages. Most companies are global and digital today… and recruiting and hiring manager preferences are to use the standard resume format without those details, for numerous reasons (privacy/identity theft is one and being Western/global business savvy is another). There was a big discussion about this recently on the CDI forum (the new standard in current resume practices – as compared to PARW, etc.) and the best practice consensus was to advise international clients NOT to prepare their resume that way, unless requested.

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