At Mommy Jobs Online our qualified recruiters will enjoy the freedom and profitability of independent recruiting (1099) while benefiting from the tools, branding and support of a national recruiting work at home job finder agency. 

Virtual Recruiter Job Objective: 

 You will recruit remote contractors that are seeking transcription, medical coding, clerical, data entry or customer service remote job positions to our remote job board.

A candidate recruit is someone that is qualified for any of the positions that we cover in our job network registry. The recruited candidate must be willing to become a member of our work at home job bank finder service. Our work at home job bank finder service will help the recruited candidate find several remote jobs based on their background skills.

Location: Telecommute from your home office.

Compensation: $12.00 per recruited agent. Average weekly compensation earnings range from $500.00 - $1,100.00 per week. (PT/FT)

Payments:  1099 payments are paid bi-weekly via Paypal or we will mail you a check every other Friday.

Flexible Work Schedule:

Hours to make calls to applicants or job seekers for client positions is from 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

You can work up to 40 hours per week M - F and (7) hrs - 10 AM - 5 PM on Saturday.  We are closed on Sunday and all major holidays.

You must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours per week to stay active on this position, however you can work up to 45 hours per week.

Virtual Recruiter Requirements

Ability to work remotely independently with minimum supervision
Internet & Computer
Ability to make a minimum of 75 plus outbound calls per day to candidates and send email correspondence.                  
Ability to post 500 new job ads per week online to FREE classified ad sites.
1 year or more of experience with inbound customer service, outbound B2B calling, telemarketing or sales
Telephone or cell phone with unlimited long distance.
Must be very upbeat, friendly, detailed and have outbound telemarketing/recruitment experience.
Must be able to complete and pass a felony verification check.
We will train you fully online.
Must have strong organiz
ational skills and a motivated attitude to get the job done!

Contractors are paid bi-weekly on Friday by direct deposit, (PayPal) or we will mail a pay check.

Once you become a work at home agent with Mommy Jobs Online, you will have the ability to work 2 to 3 positions at a time with us or other remote companies based on your availability and your past work history on previous positions. You can decide the hours and days that suit you best while working from the comfort of your own home office.

All internal job positions are 100% guaranteed employment upon completing a satisfactory verification contractor background check.  The full job description of each internal job is listed down below.  As apart of our contractor job services, you will have the option to select 1 work-at-home job bank of your choice when applying for any internal job opening.  


** Please click the GREEN button down below to complete the contractor application.​ **

 Join Now - Contractor Registration Application

Why do we charge a one-time remote contractor registration fee?

* As an independent virtual recruiter contractor, not an actual employee, you will be responsible to pass our standard remote contractor background verification check.  The one-time contractor registration fee is $85.00, which covers your background verification check, online training session and direct lifetime membership access to 1 work-at-home job bank of your choice where you can apply for other pre-screened client remote job positions.  All remote job bank categories are listed here on our Join Now tab for you to review in further detail.


$85.00  - MJOL Virtual Recruiter Contractor Job Registration



How long will it take to hear back from Human Resources after I join?

*After you complete your contractor registration you will receive an email confirmation within 24 to 48 hours.

What will I receive after I join?

You will receive our Virtual Recruiter training module, remote contractor job bank registry login link to access our pre-screened job board and your payment confirmation receipt.


Online Self - Pace Training Modules

We hold all web-base training sessions on Skype Chat Messenger, and you will need to download the chat messenger at .  

Please add our Skype screen name mommyjobsonline the Oklahoma City location, so that we will be able to connect with you and assist you with our internal job position. 

Please feel free to contact our remote job line at 1*405*418*6160 if you have further questions.

Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

​​It's time to get connected with outsourcing clients to work-at-home using our job bank resources to land your next job!

Find legit work at home jobs and earn money from home.

Remote Job Bank Categories

* Inbound Customer Rep.
* Transcription
*  Medical Coding
* Clerical & Administrative
* Virtual Recruiter
* Professional

You will be able to select 1 job bank category included with your internal contractor job registration once you become an MJOL remote agent.  

Please be sure to indicate the job bank registry you want to access on your application.

           Join Now - Application

From stay-at-home moms to business professionals, more people are ditching the stress of the office and finding rewarding work from the comfort of their home.

People are demanding a better work-life balance, and the legitimate work-from-home jobs and opportunities available keep getting better and better.

As independent contractors with Mommy Jobs Online, agents have control over their schedule, their earning potential, and their future, plus they get all the benefits of working from home such as:

Save Time

Just imagine how much more time you would have if you did not have to drive to and from work every day.

Save Money

Think about the money you would save on gas, your office wardrobe, childcare, and eating out with co-workers.

Flexible & Portable

Working from home with Mommy Jobs Online is an ideal choice for those who need flexibility. How much more enjoyable would it be if you could arrange your work schedule around your life? In many cases Mommy Jobs Online agents can take their business with them if they move, making this an ideal opportunity for all families that travel a lot.  

Reduce Stress: 

What frustrates you now? Is it the traffic and the long commute, annoying coworkers, a difficult boss, office politics, missing dinner with your family, or just lack of control over your work day? Reduce your stress.

Be Your Own Boss:  With Mommy Jobs Online you are your own boss. You decide when, how, and how much you work, and you can build your business to be what you want it to be. Your performance determines your success!

The work-from-home trend is growing, and now, is an exciting time to start working from home with Mommy Jobs Online. Instead of working on someone else’s terms, you could be running your own independent business providing virtual services.

Imagine having the opportunity to be your own boss, make your own schedule, stay home with your kids, pay off bills, retire early, and be in control of your earning potential and your future. Then ask yourself,

“What’s holding me back?”



​​Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Clerical, Customer Service, Recruiting, Transcription, Medical Coding, Teaching, Writing, Editing Remote Jobs


​​Legitimate Work At Home Jobs 

​​​mommy jobs online - Earn $10 - $90 per HOUR!

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Job Overview

Status - Full-Time/Part-Time
Travel - None, Work at home
Degree - High School Diploma
Recruiting Skills - Staffing, Recruiting, Human Resource, Virtual Recruiter

Experience - Basic office or computer skills,  Self-pace training module

​Salary - $12.00 per recruited contractor to become an agent or member.


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