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The 6 Best Work From Home Jobs For Mothers

Flexibility is the most important factor that allows you to take up a home job when you are a parent. This way it’s easier to take care of children and to keep your working and private life in balance. Here we provide you with a list of some of the most popular home jobs and show what they are all about.

1. Social Media Consultant

If you are a digital native who loves browsing through the social web, this kind of job might be right for you. You manage the social media accounts for one company, or for several ones, if you are employed by an agency. Your tasks are to create an editorial plan for the postings, prepare text and pictures and schedule the posts. Moreover, you answer questions and comments of the company’s fans, and analyze which of your postings are the best for the correspondent target audience. Maybe you even analyze the social media channels of the company’s competitors in order to see what they are up to.

These tasks are really fun and the best is: you can handle all these tasks from home!
Needs: a stable internet connection, a computer

2. (Freelance) Writer

Are you good at writing? Do you love filing texts for hours until you find the word that’s the perfect fit? Then you should go for a (copy)writer job! As a copywriter you write a whole range of different texts. From short copy, such as headlines or the labeling of buttons, over longer texts for websites or brochures, up to blog articles or whole books, your creativity is needed.

If you want to work from home as a writer, you have two possibilities. Either you are employed on a regular basis at one single company or you work as a freelancer who writes for different projects.
Needs: internet connection, with a computer with a word processing program

3. Translator

If you speak a second language, you can work as a translator. You will have similar tasks as with a writer job, except that you don’t write the texts off the top of your head, but translate them into your mother tongue. Like a writer you will be dealing with different forms of text here. No matter if you are translating short headlines or long blog articles, you will need a certain degree of creativity. Because in the most cases it’s not advisable to translate word by word.

Needs: internet connection, a computer with a word processing program

4. Language Teacher

Another job that you can do from home is teaching a language. Therefore you can be hired by online language school as a freelancer. Via video calls you will teach your mother tongue to one or several students. Maybe you can even teach the basics of another language if you speak it well enough.
Needs: a fast and stable internet connection, a computer, a webcam, a headset with a microphone


5. Customer Service

Many customer service jobs can be done from home. Your tasks there include replying to customer’s inquiries, helping them with (technical) problems and answering their questions. Depending on the company you are working for, you may also process returns or exchanges, coordinate customer appointments and handle orders.

The communication can happen via email, livechat or phonecalls.

Needs: internet connection, a computer, a telephone, maybe a headset with a microphone


6. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you help entrepreneurs or other busy people to complete time consuming tasks. The tasks can be vary a lot and depend on who you are assisting and your skills. From scheduling appointments or data entry to email management it may be everything that can be outsourced. Other tasks from this list can be included too, like handling the social media profiles, translations, text writing etc.

Needs: internet connection, a computer, everything else depends on your tasks

As you can see, you have a wide choice of work from home jobs. Check out
Mommy Jobs Online to find many work from home job opportunities that suit you.

About the author:

Katharina Papenbreer works for Locanto in Marketing and Communications. Locanto is a worldwide platform for local classifieds. There you find used furniture, cars, apartments, even guitar lessons and so much more

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